50 Work From Home Job Opportunities

I work from home. Most of my friends work from home. We have a vast network of contacts who work from home. The opportunities are absolutely out there, and they can pay the bills. We know this through first-hand experience.

Here are 50 work from home job opportunities for you to explore. Let us know which ones you’d like us to write up in more detail and we’ll add that in for you. Some of these can be done wholly inside the house, while others are based at the house but involve going outside :).

This list is in alphabetical order to make it easier to scan. Enjoy!

1: Amazon Affiliate

This can make you quite a lot of money if you plan it right. You put a link to an Amazon product on your site. If a visitor clicks to follow, you get credit for everything they buy during their visit. I once had a person buy a book I recommended – and then a Segway vehicle. I made quite a good chunk of change on that one purchase.

2. Artist

I’m president of a local art organization. Many of our members sell their artwork online. Some do commissions for pet portraits, house paintings, and so on. Find the niche for your artistic talents and go after that market.

3. Blogger

This is a fairly generic title – you can write about just about anything and reach a world-wide market. Even tiny niche topic areas can end up with a large following, with proper social networking behind it. You then make money from ads and sponsors.

4. Book Publicist

There are thousands upon thousands of new authors entering the writing world every month, and they all need help with marketing and publicity. If you’re good with that sort of thing, you’ll be their savoir.

5. Book Reseller

Lots of libraries are so full of books that they routinely ditch non-read books into the trash. I know, it’s sad and scary! Figure out which libraries around you do that. Then gather up those books. Resell them on Amazon and eBay. Sometimes you’ll just get pennies per book – but other times you’ll luck out and get something valuable.

6. Book Writing

I absolutely do this. I’ve written over 450 books. There’s an enormous appetite out there for new books. Whatever topic you want to write on, there’ll be people eager to read them.

7. Child Care

When my son was young, I had to go back to work. He was cared for by a woman my age who had a child just my son’s age. The two children got to play together, she got some extra money, and I was able to work again. It was a win-win.

8. Computer Consulting

Are you good with computers? Lots of people aren’t and desperately need help. You can Skype or call them and help them sort out their problems remotely.

9. Contract Programmer

I’ve done this. I know ASP Classic, which is an old programming language. There aren’t many people who still program in this. It means if an old system breaks, people like me are called in to fix it.

10. Cook

People love to eat. If you’re great at making cookies or cupcakes, or other tasty treats, look into the laws involved in cooking from your home.

11. Crafter

I sell a fair amount on Etsy and my own website. I sell origami and papercrafts. If you have a craft you enjoy doing, set up a storefront and get the word out about your items.

12. Data Entry

I’ve done this myself, and so have many of my friends. It’s a quick, easy way to make money. You want to build up your typing skills to prepare for this one.

13. Diet Plan Supporter

Many people strive to go on diets and fail due to lack of support. They just need someone to check in with them and cheerlead them. You can do that over the phone, by email, by video call, whatever works best.

14. Driving

I’m not keen on driving, so this one isn’t for me, but I have several friends who absolutely adore doing driving for Uber and other similar systems. They get to explore the area, meet interesting people, and it’s fairly low key.

15. E-Commerce Store

Many of my websites create content around a theme, like medieval movies. I then write reviews of all those movies and link to Amazon for the sales. So I’m a “store with reviews” but Amazon sells them for me. I get the commission. Alternatively, on other sites I run I have the products myself. I’m then responsible for shipping them when people buy them. There’s many ways to approach this.

16. Editor

I do a lot of editing for people. I’ve written enough books that editing comes quick and easy to me. If you’re good at editing and proofreading, there’s a huge market of writers out there who need your help.

17. Entertainer

Some of my friends paint henna tattoos. Others do tarot card readings. Yet others do face paintings. If you enjoy this type of activity, you can be kept busy year round with birthday parties, town festivals, and other types of events.

18. Graphic Designer

With all the people publishing books and writing websites, they all want covers, logos, marketing material, and more. If you’re good with graphics, you can help their products shine.

19. Home Companion

Some people have mobility issues and need a helping hand. They need someone to get items off shelves, go into the basement, and so on. You can be that helper that gets them through their day.

20. Home Cleaning

People get busy and just don’t have time to do cleaning. If you’re willing to do that sort of thing, you could be booked non-stop once your reputation builds.

21. Home Sharing

Some people are comfortable with this. Others aren’t. I’m not open to this myself, but I have several friends who make quite a lot of money renting out rooms or their entire house. There’s a big market for it.

22. House Helper

Are you good at painting walls, mowing yards, shoveling snow, and that sort of stuff? Lots of people need help with those tasks.

23. House Sitter

People have vacation homes or they go away on holiday. Be the person who hangs out in the house, feeds the pets, waters the plants, and keeps an eye on things.

24. Job Search Coach

When people have trouble finding a job, often it’s something fairly fixable like a poorly formatted resume or a lack of knowledge about filling in job forms. Help them figure out those basics and they could land a new job quickly.

25. Musician

Lots of people have song ideas but don’t know how to play all the instruments. If you play guitar, you could be the backup for a singer who wants to make a demo tape.

26. Nails / Hair / Beauty

Several of my friends love doing beauty and make-up types of activities. They have enough of a following now that they don’t need to advertise. People just come to their house to update their look.

27. Narrator

Thousands of people are writing books, and they all want audio book versions of their books. Narrators are in high demand. Whatever your voice style, there’ll be a book perfect for it.

28. Pet Care / Groomer / Walker

Do you love cats and dogs? There are lots of people who work all day and need help with their pets. Be available to walk them or to care for them in your home.

29. Product Reviewer

This sort of overlaps with the blogger and the Amazon entry, but it’s good to call it out specifically. I do this a ton and for a while was a top 10 Amazon reviewer. You’re only allowed to get free books for Amazon, but for your own website you can get free products of all kinds. Just make sure you always disclose how you got the item and what consideration you got.

30. Programmer

It seems as if everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and those smartphones are often full of apps. If you can come up with an app that’s useful and interesting, you could end up with millions of people downloading it.

31. Recycler

There are all sorts of recycling items that you can get paid for. Most metals fall into that category. Look through freecycle and similar listings to find items for free that can be recycled. You’ll get paid to haul away someone else’s stuff.

32. Seamstress

In the old days, everyone could repair their own clothes. Nowadays, most people don’t have sewing machines. If you’re good with yours, you could adjust dresses, fix rips, and help people deal with issues.

33. Secret Shopper

We’ve gone on many secret shops. This is where you go to a restaurant and have a checklist of things to pay attention to. You keep track of how long it takes them to seat you and so on. You’re helping the restaurant management identify areas to work on.

34. Self-Help Speaker

There are all sorts of organizations like schools, rotary clubs, community clubs, and libraries that want to bring in interesting speakers. If you have any self-help types of topics you can talk about, you could find yourself in high demand.

35. Social Media Manager

I adore social media. Some people hate it with a passion. I’ve helped a number of people run their social media accounts so they can focus on their business.

36. Stock Photo Seller

I’m a photographer myself and I know many photographers. Many of them do quite well selling their photos both directly as wall art as well as to stock photo sites. There are plenty of online courses to help you hone your skills.

37. Survey Taker

I do surveys through SwagBucks. The surveys can be quite fun when you’re testing out different types of advertising to see which you like the best. Plus you get paid for taking them!

38. Teacher

I was a member of VIPKid for a while. It hooks up teachers with children in China who want to learn English. You don’t need to know any Chinese at all. There are a variety of opportunities like this.

39. Translator / Language Helper

Several of my friends do this. You can help people learn how to be more fluent in a language. This can be your own native language or another one you know. Many times people will pay you just to chat with them for an hour on Skype or something, to practice their skills.

40. Travel Agent / Writer

If you adore traveling, this is your chance. Choose an area and write a lot of content about it. Become an expert on that area. Then set up to help people go visit there. You’ll be able to make recommendations to them based on your research.

41. VHS to DVD Converter

It’s amazing how many people still have VHS tapes lying around their homes. They don’t want to lose precious family memories. By getting some fairly simple equipment you can process those files for them and send them back the DVDs.

42. Virtual Assistant

Several of my friends do this. You’re in essence a remote secretary. You take calls, set up schedules, organize meetings, and so on. It can be very easy to fairly complex depending on who you’re working for.

43. Website Copy Writing

I do a lot of this. People hire me to write blog posts for them for yoga sites, meditation sites, and various other topics. It’s fun for me and helpful for them.

44. Website Tester

I’ve done this, it’s a lot of fun. If a company puts together a website they want to know how easy it is to use. Website testers go through the site and explain where they run into problems.

45. WordPress / Website Developer

Everyone needs a website in our modern world. There are people who just don’t understand how to put one together. If you’re good with HTML or WordPress, you can help with that task.

46. Yard Sale / Antique Visitor

I’ve found plenty of things at yard sales, antique festivals, CraigsList and so on that I could then turn around and sell for much more on eBay. Find a topic area you’re interested in and watch the listings. Make sure you go early to get it before it’s scooped up.

47. Yoga Instructor

Yoga, meditation, and similar topics are very popular nowadays. If you enjoy this type of thing, get some training and then start helping others find the peace and serenity.

48. Youth Sports

Parents want their kids up off the couch and out doing something. Whether you organize soccer games, hikes in the woods, birding trips, or anything else, you’ll find parents eager to have their kids participate.

49. YouTube Videos

We’ve all heard stories of people making millions on YouTube. You don’t have to go massively viral to make money there, though. Find a topic area you love and get filming. I’ve gotten millions of hits on my videos for folding origami. Whatever you know how to do, people will be interested in learning about it.

50. Zither Player

OK I just. I just wanted something with the letter Z at the end. But really, just about anything you like to do can somehow be monetized from home. You could give talks about your passion. Do YouTube videos. Do online talks for events half-way around the world. Write books. Write blogs. Just brainstorm!

That’s just scratching the surface of things you can do from home and make good money at. It’s all about figuring out what you love to do and then how to market yourself.

Good luck!

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