Coin Master – Fun, Simple Mobile Phone Game

Coin Master provides the type of gameplay that many people are seeking. Fairly mindless, relaxing, with a big of slot machine pulling along with a bit of village-building.

Here’s how Coin Master works.

Starting with CoinMaster

If you sign up through someone’s affiliate link, which you really should to help share the love, that person gets a chance to win some free in-game boost-style prizes. So it’s a nice gift to give them. Here’s my link :).

Coin Master Sign Up

Once you sign up, I know you’ll be intrigued by all the buttons. But here is my advice.


This is where you get all your coins, your shields to protect your village, and so on. The first time I went through this, I thought I would save some of my slot machine pulls for the second village, since I had already earned all three shields in the current village. But when I moved on to my second village, it reset the wheel. So make sure you use up all your spins before you move on.

Strangely, in other plays, it did keep the coins in the account when I moved on to a new village. But since I’ve seen it lose them, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you still have something you can earn, like shields, get those full up before finishing your village.

You work on villages one at a time. You get four items per village and each one can be upgraded four times. It’s extremely simple. Each village has its own theme – Viking, Egyptian, and so on.

As you move up the village level, you unlock additional fun things like the pets collection and card collection.

Playing Coin Master

The gist is you spin the wheel a bunch of times, then you go to your village and do a bunch of upgrades. You are then able to move to the next village and get new fun options.

Most of the time the wheel gives you coins, but sometimes it gives you shields to defend yourself. And sometimes it gives you the option to attack or raid another person’s village. That earns you more coins.

Don’t forget to always check the ‘gifts’ option in the menu. People will send you free spins, coins, and cards. You can send them these things back. Your coins and spins you send them are wholly “free” – they don’t come out of your inventory.

They key, of course, is to resist “buying” more coins to upgrade your village more quickly. You should be able to get through village level 3 very quickly just through the start-up funds they provide. After that, you get 5 free spins every hour. So if you check in a few times a day and use those spins to build up your village and raid enemies, you can be kept fairly busy.

They do several pop-ups every time you run out of spin opportunities, prodding you to put in real cash to keep spinning. Resist. Just wait for the additional free coins to come your way. Move on to another game while you wait.

I’ll note that despite its name, you DO NOT EARN MONEY by playing this game. However, sometimes you just need to relax a bit, and by surrounding yourself with golden coins while you do, you get the Law of Attraction flowing and help wealth build up around you.

Make every moment count!

Coin Master Sign Up

I am not an employee or associated with Coin Master. I’m just a player who likes to relax surrounded by gold coins every once in a while.

I will also note that I’ve ‘put aside’ Coin Master several times to try other games instead. For some reason I keep coming back to Coin Master. Maybe it’s the social aspect. Maybe that it’s fairly simple and fun. It just has that draw.

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