Law Of Attraction and Making Money

One of the most important things to get a firm handle on when working from home, working as a writer, or running your own business, is how the making of money works. Whether you call it the Law of Attraction, Good Karma, or anything else, this will be a cornerstone of your success or failure.

I’ve read hundreds of books over the years, watched numerous videos, talked with a wealth of mentors and co-walkers on this path we call entrepreneurship. My degree work in Leadership was fantastic in connecting me with like-minded business professionals who faced the same challenges I did. So I’ve examined this issue from a variety of facets. Here’s what it comes down to.

First, let’s dismiss the people who say you sit on your couch, eating pints of ice cream, watching TV, and money will shower down on you if you send your intention out to the universe. I don’t find this to be true. As the classic God, Prayer, and a Lottery Ticket joke says, you have to buy a lottery ticket if you want to win. You have to put in that targeted effort.

At the same time, I believe that the mind tends to go toward something it focuses on. There’s a truism taught in motorcycle courses. If you are driving your motorcycle around a curve in a road, and you focus on the road ahead, your bike tends to follow that curve. However, if you focus steadfastly on the guardrail in front of you, the bike tends to steer toward the guardrail. The thing we focus our attention on tends to draw us in that direction.

There’s all sorts of evolutionary and psychology and feedback-loop reasons for this, but let’s simplify. Let’s say I’m an at-home writer and I’m panicked about bills. I focus on the stress of those bills. The stress makes me unable to work well. It means when I talk to people I’m tense and short with them. I spend my time on worst-case scenarios of losing the car. Clients are now less likely to hire me, because I’m not a pleasant person to work with. My writing suffers so people are less likely to buy my work. I have less work to sell. It creates a downward spiral.

Now, let’s say I’m an at-home writer with not enough income. Rather than panic, I know this can be solved and I map out a plan of attack. I network with friends and mentors to determine how to optimize my website to get more sales. I organize my desk so my writing time is productive. I create multiple streams of potential income so if one hits a temporary hurdle I still get money from another stream.

I meditate each day – just ten short minutes – to ensure I have calm focus for the full day. I greet callers and emailers with warm, happy energy. I send out writing samples and posts which are good quality. I support others around me, who then spread good news about me to a larger circle. I track the small steps of progress and each day look for ways to improve. This creates a positive, upward spiral which brings me to success.

This isn’t mystical – it’s simple human nature. Clients, customers, and potential contacts out there in the world are more likely to work with a happy person than a grumpy one. They are more likely to share the news and “talk up” a person they like rather than a person they dislike. They are more likely to give you useful advice and feedback which you can use to improve your services and marketing.

You, as a human being, are far more productive when your body has positive, healthy systems than stress-hormone-laden ones. You sleep better, so you have more time available to be active. You work more efficiently, because your brain is chugging along at full power.

So whether you call this the Law of Attraction, Good Karma, Good Luck, or anything else, it’s about building a long term road map. Sit down and determine your priorities. Determine your long term goals, then your short term ones. Focus on the end result you want. Take even tiny little steps each day to get there. Bolster your world so you can be upbeat, happy, content, and focused in your efforts. This gives you the best possible chance of getting there.

Good luck!

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