Lucktastic – Free Online Scratch Cards

Lucktastic is a smartphone mobile app which lets you get a collection of free online scratch cards every day. The cards can win you cash, prizes, and tokens to redeem for various items.

Just how does Lucktastic work?

Lucktastic Basics

Lucktastic provides a referral bonus of 1,000 tokens if someone signs up through your account. So please sign up through mine :). You can then encourage all your friends and family to sign up through your link, to get in those bonus points.

Lucktastic Scratch Card App

Once you get it up and running, it’s time to start scratching!

How Lucktastic Works

The scratch cards in the Lucktastic system are all related to the products they are promoting. So if they’re doing a promotion for National Geographic, their scratch card will have National Geographic imagery on it. And so on. Here’s one of the cards in their system, to show what I mean.

Lucktastic Scratch Cards

Each day a brand new set of cards are made available, so it’s good to go back every day. The cards are only live for that day. In each case you rub your finger over the six-pack area and try to get matches. If you do match them, you get the prize listed – in this case $2,500. There is always a “bonus play” box where you get some number of tokens, generally 10-50, as a thank-you for playing.

For some of the higher-priced ads you watch a short video before or after the card.

So each day you go in, scratch each of the 20-30 cards in the system, and see how many tokens or dollars you get. Return the next day and repeat.

Levelling Up

Lucktastic has three levels of player – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You work your way up by scratching cards and also installing other apps through their links. The higher your level, the more contests you are able to enter.

In general Lucktastic offers less value for signing up for apps than Swagbucks does, so if both companies were incentivizing me to use an app, usually Swagbucks would pay more. But for the ones not in Swagbucks, getting some money from Lucktastic is better than no money.

How Do You Spend Tokens?

Lucktastic has quite a number of contests that you can enter by spending your tokens. You can win Amazon gift certificates, free magazine subscriptions, GameStop gift cards, a million tokens, and more. The price per entry is fairly low – perhaps 25 tokens for one entry. So it can be a fun way to win. Note that they DO NOT EMAIL YOU if you win – you have to come back the next day and see you’ve won. So this is incentive for you to check in daily.

If you want to simply redeem your tokens for something of direct value, the least expensive item is 10,000 tokens for a year’s magazine subscription. For 30,000 tokens you can get an Amazon $5 gift card (6,000 tokens = $1). For 40,000 tokens you can get a $10 Groupon gift card (4,000 tokens = $1). So the conversion rate varies by what you want. A $50 Ruby Tuesday gift card is 199,999 tokens so that same 4,000 tokens = $1 holds true there. Then again, if you save up 375,000 tokens you get a $100 Amazon gift card, so that is 3750 tokens = $1.

If you earn raw cash, once you cross $10 they can send you a check. Get over $100 and they can create a Visa card for you.

Lucktastic Best Practices

I used to enter a lot of contests because it was fun to check for my name. Nowadays I simply store up my tokens until I get 10,000 tokens. Then I get a year magazine subscription. I then read each issue then list it on Amazon to sell it for money. It ends up bringing in $30-$40 per subscription year. Plus I get the value of reading the issues. That makes more sense for me than a $5 Amazon gift card for 30,000 tokens (i.e. 3 full year magazine subscriptions).

When you redeem your 10,000 tokens for a magazine subscription, they’ll send you an email in a few days. You click a link in that email. After you verify who you are, you’re given a security code to go with your subscription and a link to their magazine area. This is just a regular website so you can do this part from any system with a browser. This time that I’m doing it I could choose from 13 options:

Better Homes & Gardens
Bridal Guide Digital
Car and Driver
Elle Decor
Entertainment Weekly Digital
Esquire Digital
Harper’s Bazaar Digital
Marie Claire
Road & Track

Since my purpose is to resell these issues, I don’t take the digital ones. Right now the best resell value is with Marie Claire so I’ll grab that. It’s easy enough to check on Amazon what the used prices are for each one, with a few quick searches. I can get about $7/issue right now for Marie Claire. That adds up quickly over the course of the subscription.

Because of the video interludes before cards are shown, I recommend having this running at your side while you work on your computer or watch TV. That way you start up a card, do your thing for 30 seconds or whatever it takes, then look over and scratch the card.

Lucktastic Summary

There’s just something about scratch cards. They’re fairly mindless, so you don’t have to keep track of anything. You can just do it while waiting for something else to happen. Maybe during commercials while watching TV. In return you get usable cash.

Well recommended. Let me know what you think!

Lucktastic Scratch Card App

I do not work for Lucktastic. I’m simply a fan who has been using the app for several years now. I get a referral credit if you sign up with my link.

If you haven’t signed up for Swagbucks yet, make sure you sign up for them, too. They pay out far more than Lucktastic, so you want to have both going:

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