Top 5 Assets for Work From Home Success

I’ve successfully worked from home for many years. I’ve built up a powerful network of friends, mentors, and mentees who work from home. We’ve seen just about every problem which a person could encounter. Together, we’ve found solutions and overcome hurdles.

Here’s the list of the top 5 assets we’ve found that can make the difference between success and failure in a work from home challenge. It’s not about money. It’s not about rich uncles. It’s about something far more powerful.

A Cheerleading Squad

There are going to be gut-wrenching hurdles. Mind-blowing setbacks. This is the way life goes. What defines a successful entrepreneur is that they make it through those challenges – and a loyal cheerleading squad is critical to that path. They don’t have to be family. They don’t have to be people in your hometown. They can live halfway around the world.

All that matters is that they are there for you.

Invest in your entourage. Put the time and energy into building that network of like-minded souls. Because when chaos is raining down on your head and it feels like your entire world is falling apart, they are the ones who will keep you going until life turns around again.

A Thick Skin

Life is going to suck at times. You’re going to hit lows. You’ll have family members and friends questioning just what you were thinking about. Every single one of my friends who runs their own business has gotten to this point at one time or another. They all could have folded and given in to the nay-sayers around them.

Now they are absolutely thriving.

You need to be able to hold strong. To know your course is right and to keep going. Whatever the others say, keep on going. Trust in your instincts and your research. Hold the course.

A Passion For Learning

Nothing stands still in our world. Absolutely nothing. It’s insane how many times my friends have had to change product lines, or change website layouts, or change paths because of the way the world changes around us. You might invest months of your time in a social network only to have them completely change their rules.

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. You have to always be learning, to stay at the crest of the wave.

You need to embrace that thought. Keep reading. Keep studying. Keep exploring. It’s the way to success.

A Desire to Hear All Sides

Our world has become polarized. Black and white. But for an entrepreneur, there is so much value in learning from every experience. From expanding your customer base. From finding ways to reach every person.

You don’t have to agree with them. You just have to understand where they’re coming from. Sometimes amazing advice comes from the most unlikely quarters. The more you can keep your ears open and listen, the better able you are to maintain customers, build new outreaches, and grow to success.

A Healthy Balance

This might seem an odd one. Isn’t being an entrepreneur about being go-go-go 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Believe me, I’ve known hundreds of entrepreneurs. The ones who run a sprint at every second burn themselves out. They can only see their world through blinders and often miss the big picture.

The key to success is to get into the zone. To get that pure, clean energy that powers you like a blazing sun. It’s not about being frantic. It’s being incredibly efficient, effective, and on point. To be that way you need solid sleep. You need to eat healthy. Meditation and exercise are key assets in this as well. Bodies break down and collapse. The more you keep yourself in that golden peak of health, the more you can reach amazing heights of success.

Read through my site to learn how to build on each one of these pillars!

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