ValueMags – Free Magazines for Reading Crafts Reselling

Remember the old days when you had to pay quite a lot of money to get a magazine subscription? The world has changed! Now you can get magazines completely for FREE, because those magazines want to be able to tout large subscription numbers to their advertisers.

That means you, the reader, can benefit immensely.

One way to get free magazines is through ValueMags

Is ValueMags A Scam?

It can seem too good to be true, to get something for nothing. As with anything else, it’s wise to fill out forms attentively and follow the rules.

Let’s talk about ValueMags.

My first step is always to make up a special email account for a new location. That way I can see if I start to get spammed by them reselling my email address. If that starts up, I can just delete that email address and stop using it.

The way to sign up with ValueMags is to actually order a free subscription. When I did my test, these were the magazines, and an average resale price per issue on Amazon.

Time for Kids digital – not listed on Amazon
Bridal Guide digital – $5
Field and Stream bimonthly – $4
Outdoor Life digital quarterly – $13
Popular Science digital quarterly – $8
Slam digital bimonthly – $12
Red Bulletin – $1
Anglers Journal quarterly – not listed on Amazon, about $5 on ebay
Horticulture bimonthly – not listed on Amazon, about $2 on ebay
Sail bimonthly – $6

So as you can see, there’s a range here. If you’re getting them to read, any format is fine. If you’re thinking about crafts, you would go with whatever paper version struck your fancy. If your aim is to glance through them and then resell them, you need paper.

Some of the magazines will need you to sign up with ZinioApps. I would use that same email address for this as well.

You also get discounts on other magazines if there’s one you really like that isn’t on their free list.

Let me know your thoughts on ValueMags!

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